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Spirit GamesChildren identified with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders are often perceived as needing to be "fixed." However, recent research suggests that what we need to do instead is play with them and help them find the joy in interacting with others.

Early Intervention Games, provides a wide selection of fun and novel games to do at home or in the classroom, including a variety of games to play in water. This indispensable resource can help these unique children enhance and increase their social, motor, and sensory skills. Each game explains the lessons playfully learned and ways of modifying the games so that everyone, regardless of skill level and sensibility, can play along.

All the games are easy-to-do, utilizing common, inexpensive materials.

Reviews for Early Intervention Games:

"Early Intervention Games brims with sparkling ideas to help children learn the pleasures of engaging in back and forth play. Barbara's warm advice and cool activities invite us to dive right in!"
--Carol Kranowitz, author of The Out-of-Sync Child

"Barbara Sher is gifted in her ability to weave therapy into play while deeply respecting the strengths and uniqueness of each child. In this book, she artfully explains how everyone can support challenged children through brilliantly creative yet practical, low-budget games. Her gentle, welcoming ways pull out the best in children as she shows us how to playfully play."
--Mary Sue Williams, co-author of How Does Your Engine Run?® Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

"Early Intervention Games takes a unique approach with its emphasis on playful activities. Barbara Sher's games and ideas are simple, fun, and wonderful tools for therapists working with children who have Sensory Processing or Autism Spectrum Disorders."
--Dr. Lucy Jane Miller Ph.D., OTR, executive director, Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and author of Sensational Kids

This book is a great resource for professionals who work with you children identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder. The author describes her orientation to working with children without focusing on the "disorders". I read the book as a former children's developmental intervention program coordinator and social worker. Ms. Sher's approach shares social work values of a strengths perspective and person-in-environment approach. She looks at the children's strengths and interests and engages children in their peer environment.
I re-read the book from the point of view of a former pre-school teacher, parent and current grandparent. I have highlighted activities for purposeful fun and skill development with my two developmentally normal preschool-aged grandchildren.

The first two chapters should be required reading for any professionals who work young children with an exceptionality diagnosis. Also, parents of a diagnosed child would find comfort and good philosophical modeling by identifying with the author's understanding and insights into the child's perceptual world.
-- Douglas Wells (Coeur d'Alene, Id. )

This book covers both ASDs and Sensory Disorders, with a good section explaining how these affect children, which can be very helpful in demystifying the behaviors of children with these issues (especially important for parents like myself, who are new to this subject, with kids who are newly diagnosed or just getting diagnosed!); and this section is followed by a wealth of suggestions for activities to help kids who are affected by these issues reach their potential -- not only in overcoming these specific issues, but also in gaining social skills.

Included with the activities are suggestions for ways to modify them for single children or groups, or for children with specific preferences or quirks; and reading through this book will no doubt serve to inspire ideas for many other activities or modifications as well.

I would also like to note that, in my opinion, the title of this book does not do it justice, because "Early Intervention" implies (to me, at least) that the activities here are only for children under the age of 3-4; which is definitely not the case. Using the ideas presented here in group situations, many of these activities could continue to be enjoyable for several years beyond that age range, as a means of helping kids (particularly those with ASDs) gain or improve turn-taking, sharing and other social skills.

It is my opinion that parents, caregivers, therapists and educators can ALL benefit from this book, whether they are new to this area of study, or have years of experience; and it would be a valuable addition to any of their bookshelves, one that is sure to remain handy for years to come.
-- C. Cross (Panama City, FL, USA)

Barbara Sher finds ways to enhance and encourage the development of all children with fun and comfort in mind. Many of the parents who come to our Child Disability Resource Center continue to use this as a manual for having fun, connecting with our children and encouraging my child's development. No fuss, no complicated language, it's perfect.
-- Anne Saraceno, Director, Swindell Child Center

I loved this book!!! It is simple, easy to read, and full of ways to play (with purpose) with children. I like the fact that Barbara Sher has put together a collection of games using common, inexpensive materials found around the house or classroom. Each game includes the goals of game along with directions, variations and modifications so everyone can play. Brief explanations of what is being learned when playing each game are also included. Although the title of the book is "Early Intervention Games", I believe most of the games in this book could be used with older children (with varying disabilities) as well, who need practice with hand & eye coordination, as well as social and motor skills.

This is a terrific resource for teachers or coaches to play these games with their students to encourage inclusion in the classroom (and playing field) with typical peers.

One of the goals of Parenting Special Need Magazine is to provide parents with practical, simplified information that they can fit into their already hectic lives. Barbara Sher has certainly done that with the creation of "Early Intervention Games". She makes learning FUN... and Kid's just want to have Fun!
-- Chantai Snellgrove, Editorial Director, Parenting Special Needs Magazine

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