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Self Esteem GamesSelf Esteem Games show children how wonderful it can be to be themselves. This collection of 300 self-esteem-building ideas requires no special preparation or equipment and can be played at home or the classroom. 67,000 copies sold.

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"As expressed in the title, and further explained in the introduction, this useful collection describes games and activities that help kids see and appreciate how unique and special they are. The games are divided into three sections: Being unique!, Getting to know me!, and Sharing who I am!. Each section is further divided into chapters, such as My Feelings and Learning to Trust. Among many new games are some old favorites like Did you Ever See a Lassie? and Group Hug. Includes an index and closing thoughts.
-- Gisela Jernigan for Children's Literature

This collection of simple games encourages children to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses, express feelings, build relationships, and develop confidence. There are games for all group sizes of children aged three through twelve. Most of the games require little or no materials-just a playful attitude. Most of the activities would also be appropriate for children in PreK through second grade. The book is organized by themes, and each activity includes a code to help the leader select activities by age and size of the group".
-- S. Latson

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